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Article Name : How To Tell If A Girl Likes You.


How to Tell If a Girl Likes You.

Some girls flirt just to get some attention, others do it without even knowing. Here is
how to tell if a girl likes you.


How to tell if a girl likes you - Eye contact and body language.

She would smile at you a lot :

Smilig is the fastest way to tell if a girl likes you. If she is interested in you she would smile at you a lot. When a woman is smiling at you from across the room, that is an invitation to come talk to her, be casual and test the water to see if she is a little interested.

She gives you her undivided attention when you talk to her - She would focus her attention on you and ignore almost everything going on around her. She would probably be smiling to show that she is interested in what you are saying, that is another way to tell if a girl likes you.

She would ask you personal questions to find out more about you - she wants to
know what interests you, your family, everything.



How to tell if a girl Likes you - Interrogation Time.

Her friends would ask you personal questions - They would walk up to you from
nowhere and ask you questions like, how old are you? Do you have any girlfriend?
How about kids, do you have any? That is a big sign a girl likes you.

She would always want to sit close to you. That is a good sign she likes you.

She may be touchy and might tease you a lot - she would playfully touch you and
tease you, women are very conscious of their personal space, she most really like
you to do that.

Always looks into your eyes and you can tell she is day dreaming about you.

She may become really tense and quiet when you are around her. That is alright, the girl likes you, but does not know how to act around you.

She might become more anxious when she sees you, which might affect her speech
pattern. That is a big tell-tale sign the girl likes you.

She may invite you to go to events with her - she is just trying to spend sometime
with you and get closer to you. Call it testing the waters.

Coincidentally bumps into you a lot - she would start going places you frequent a lot
just to run into you. The girl really likes you at this point, you should get closer to her at this point and get to know her better.

She looks extra good every time she knows you are going to be there.



How to tell if a girl likes you - She compliments you a lot.

She would tell you that you look good and would always mention something positive about you. She would be your biggest cheerleader, so do not be surprised if her friends know alot about you. The girl likes you and she would not hesitate to flaunt it around.

she would do almost anything for you. If you need help with anything, she would be the first to give a helping hand. If you fall sick, she would be more concerned more than any of your friends. She would have your back in almost every situation. The girl reall really really likes you if she is doing all these. Women are not like asking men out first, they would only show you they like you through their body language. If she does any of the signs i have mentioned, it is time to ask her out. Be casual, ask her to do something fun with you.

Those are the best ways on how to tell if a girl likes you. Look for those signs and you would do great.


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